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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q.What is an Affiliate Program?
A. An Affiliate Program, also known as a 'pay for performance' business model, is a partnership with an online business (merchant site) who pays (via commissions) you for any leads | sales you send via links on your site. The ease of setting-up and operating an affiliate program makes it an attractive way to earn money from the traffic you are already receiving to your web site.

Q. What is multi-tier affiliate marketing?
A. Multi-tier affiliate marketing is a business arrangement where merchants pay webmasters for recruiting sub-affiliates. In a multi-tier program, affiliate partners are compensated not only for sales|leads generated, but also based upon the number of new affiliate referrals they are able to recruit. .
Plus, taking this concept one step further, in some programs, affiliate partners are also compensated for each sale made, in turn, by those whom they have recruited. So that each time you introduce another affiliate to the program and that Affiliate begins to generate income, in essence, they are also increasing your potential to earn additional dividends. Compensation may be in the form of a flat-rate fee or a percentage commission

Q. How does an Affiliate Program work?
A. An affiliate program capitalizes off the traffic already coming to a website in a way that earns money. It works by setting up a link that will take a visitor from your site to a merchant site by a simple click.. Should the visitor make any purchases from the merchant site, you will then be in a position (based upon your affiliate agreement) to earn additional commissions based upon each and subsequent transactions.

Q. How does a merchant benefit from affiliate programs?
A. Merchants who employ affiliate programs are in a favorable position for they need only pay commissions or referral fees when sales or leads are generated. If there are no sales or leads, the merchant is not out any money. In comparison with the older internet advertising medium of banner ads, merchants paid regardless of the results. Hence, due to the targeted nature of affiliate marketing by which higher conversion ratios translate into higher sales, merchants find it to be a very cost-effective form of advertising.

Q. What is the cost for me to join?
A. Usually, there is no charge. Not only are most affiliate programs free to join, but some will even pay members, either in the form of a bonus or on the first commission check, who opt to join.

Q. How much effort is entailed in joining an affiliate program?
A. Affiliate programs are relatively to join. Initially, they require a brief sign-up process involving submitting information pertaining to types of goods | services sold, contact name and address and data regarding the site. Once a determination has been made that the site does not contain offensive, sexually explicit, lewd or hateful content, and all pertinent data checks out, approval may be granted to enact an affiliate relationship. Next, an agreement need be signed stating everything in writing. Once the go-ahead is given, the links may be established in order to get the operation up and running and ready to generate income.

Q. How many Affiliate Programs can one I join?
A. With the majority* of programs, you will be permitted to join as many you desire. In these situations, though there is no limit to the number you can join, bear in mind it tends to be more financially rewarding to enact affiliate agreements with like-minded sites as opposed to those appealing to completely different audiences. *A select few will require you to enter into an agreement of exclusivity.

Q. How can I keep track of my performance | commissions?
A. Affiliate programs typically provide online statistical records that are easily accessible, easy to understand and updated in a timely manner (most minimum of once per day.) These records offer detailed analysis showing statistics on number of clicks, transactions and day by day breakdown of activity.

Q. How often do I receive payment?
A. Most affiliate programs are structured to send out commission payments on a 30-day cycle, usually on or before the 15th of each month.

Q. How am I guaranteed payment for sales from my site?
A. When you signup for an affiliate program you will be assigned a unique affiliate ID, which will track clicks taking visitors from your website to the merchant | partner site. This takes the risk out of tracking transactions and ensures all leads | purchases will be properly linked to your Affiliate ID.

Q. What method is used to track the referrals?
A. Many affiliate programs assign cookies, imbedded computer codes with your unique affiliate ID, so that they may keep a tally of leads | sales back in your account. Hence, each transaction that occurs that originated from your site will be properly tracked and accounted for in terms of productivity level, ranking and payment.

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